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My Very Own Clothing Line!

Buat yg belum tau, beberapa bulan terakhir ini gw berniat untuk membuat usaha sendiri didalam bidang clothing. Naah, setelah kerja keras dan pemikiran yg matang, alhamdulillah akhirnya jadi juga deh. Namanya ‘Carnival’.

Waktu developmentnya memakan waktu yg lumayan lama karna gw dan partner gw ingin mengutamakan kualitas dari produk2nya.

Skarang ini, kita udah beres dalam proses pembuatan bajunya. Tinggal dimasukin deh di toko2. I hope you guys gonna like it! =)

Untuk info lebih jelasnya, just keep yourself updated ya.

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Uda lama nih ga ngeblog. Abis suka bingung mau tulis apa, ditambah jadwal yg padat akhir2 ini, smwanya lbi singkat ditulis d twitter kayanya. Maklum gaptek. Hehe

Btw, post yg ini saya mau tunjukan khusus kpada smuanya yg uda ngedukung saya d Kids Choice Award 2010!

Terimakasih banyak atas dukungan kalian semua sehingga saya bisa mendapatkan penghargaan ini untuk yg ketiga kalinya.

Dukung terus yaa!!

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Cinta 2 Hati Premier at EX Jakarta

After all the hard work (phew), the shooting of the movie is finally finished and is now available to be enjoyed in cinemas. I hope you gonna like my performance, hehe.

Thanks for all who has come and support the premier of Cinta 2 Hati. I was really excited and happy to see all of you there! Keep supporting and WATCH THE MOVIE if you have not. =)



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Menangkan 3 Paket Wisata ke Singapura Bersama Afgan

Hi smwanya, new update nih, kalo kalian mau jalan2 ke Singapura bareng saya, ikutin syarat2nya dibawah ini ya!

Yg pertama, harus follow twitter gw @afgansyah_reza

Kedua, ikut polling sesuai dgn informasi dibawah ini ok!

Good luck guys! =)


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Special thanks to all the people and Afganisme who have come and supported this event. It was really fun and I am more than happy to see you guys there! I hope you were entertained by my performance =)


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Many have not heard about this superb upcoming high end urban apparel brand 'Underneath The Hood'. Well, I just wanna share a simple story about this brand.

Underneath The Hood was found by a very best friend of mine who is also a creative young entrepreneur with the initial ‘INW’. He was involved in the world of fashion and the surrounding urban culture when he started to build this brand. His great taste and deep interest in fashion have led him to create a unique yet interesting concept of apparels. It took him quite some time to really think and develop it’s character. Working together with some professional artists and designers, the transition process of the brainstorming to the final result has also took a really long time just to assure its quality. It’s products are produced in very limited quantities, using only the finest quality materials and are solely made by it’s very heart. I assure that UTH is not just an ordinary kind of fashion label.

Personally, I really hope that UTH will be a great innovative breakthrough in the fashion universe. Well, it might take some time for an exclusive fashion brand to expand but I believe that one day, it will. I have seen and even worn some of the samples that he made and honestly, they were really gorgeous. For sure, I will wear it’s products in my shows.

As for that reason, I am really interested in helping, promoting and being the brand ambassador for this brand. At the same time, I am also looking forward to be able to learn a lot of things from this and hopefully, be able to create my own label. So fellas, please give him your support yea!

Stick around to keep yourself updated alright!

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Well, I dont know what to say. Sadly but true, I’m not so much into this internet kind of activities but well, I guess it’s a good thing to start trying some new stuff.

This page is simply just a basic story of what goes around my life. It might not be updated as often as you expected. However, I’ll try my best to keep you guys updated of what’s going in and out!

So yea, basically that’s all for the introduction =)

Best Regards,


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